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Moving Forward: Where We are Going

In February of 2012 Songs Unlimited held important meetings in its La Paz offices. And, after considering the tremendous achievements of the past 12 years we were determined to maintain the high quality of our work throughout the American hemisphere. We decided to launch a new series of public performances described here in this website and in other promotional literature which we believe will be more likely to reach a wider public. Other new efforts are announced here that will help immensely to carry out our Mission.

Songs Across the Americas Encounter

“Voices For Remembrance & Peace”

Arkansas – April 2013

Misa Criolla by Argentinian composer Ariel Ramirez, inspired by a visit by the composer to the Terezin Concentration Camp in Germany in the 1960s.


I Never Saw Another Butterfly by U.S. living composer Lori Laitman to poems by children of the Terezin Camp and presented at the SATA FESTIVAL – Arkansas – May 2006.  An appropriate reprise for this program.


Chichester Psalms by U.S. composer the late Leonard Bernstein commissioned by the Cathedral of Chichester in 1965, and incorporating Psalms that evoke the spirit of peace and unity among brothers.  


Interspersed between the full, multi-dimensional Festivals that we have presented in the past, we will present

a series of SATA ENCOUNTERS – Single Programs that incorporate the essence of our large such

Festivals, i.e.


1. Use of music by living or past composers of the Americas,

2. Joining appropriate music by both SOUTH & NORTH in each program

3. Designing a meaningful juxtaposition of the music segments

4. Inviting key “hosts” or “mentors” to provide background and context for the music




1. Adding Fundamentals of Music classes

2. Expansion of Repertoire

3. Adding topics related to Singing such as Foreign Language Diction, e.g. Russian

4. Adding Collaborative Efforts with other Music areas currently being taught in La Paz, e.g. Strings,Woodwinds.

5. Exploration of Funding efforts to enable Songs Unlimited to upgrade teaching salaries.



1. Carrying on with our on-going efforts to enable Gifted Bolivian and Arkansas Musicians to

join together for enriched music-making and for study and work in each locale,


2. We have brought the latest such musician – Violinist Gustavo Fernandez of Santa Cruz,

BOLIVIA, who arrived at UCA in January 2012 to begin his Bachelor of Music studies.


3. Our next such effort will be – Tenor Jorge Villarroel from La Paz, BOLIVIA, who will

scheduled for April 2013.


Songs Unlimited Inc., Copyright 2012.

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