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Songs Across the Americas Encounter

“Voices For Remembrance & Peace”

Arkansas – April 2013




APRIL 21, 2013

Chaski & Friends Performance & Presentation

B’nai Israel Synagogue, Little Rock, AR

7:00 PM


APRIL 23, 2013

Chaski & Friends Performance & Presentation

UCA, Snow Fine Arts Center, Recital Hall, Conway, AR

1:40 PM

For UCA Academic Community


APRIL 23, 2013

Chaski & Friends Performance & Presentation

Faulker County Library, Conway, AR

7:00 PM


APRIL 24, 2013

Chaski & Friends Performance & Presentation

Faulker County Library, Conway, AR

5:00 PM


Program Line-Up


Welcome Introduction

Remarks by Kraeft & Chaski


Demonstration of Andean instruments & culture

Adrienne Inglis, flutes    Shana Norton, harp     Dan Dickey, guitar


Jewish Culture in Latin America

Phillip Spivey


Renaissance Spanish songs from Sephardic Jews      Anonymous

Suzanne Loerch, mezzo-soprano Chaski musicians


Selected Songs from following list:

Jach’a uru (O Great Day) traditional Bolivian sikuriada

Viva Jujuy (Long Live Jujuy) Argentine bailecito by Rafael Rossa

Los mamonales (The Mamón Groves) Venezuelan joropo

Mariposa (Butterfly) Bolivian morenada by Gumercindo Lidicio

Bichito de flor (Little Flower Bug) José Foronda

Yendo en camión al santo patrón (Going by Truck to the Patron Saint)

Peruvian marinera by Dan Dickey

Cacharpaya de la fiesta (Goodbye to the Fiesta) Peruvian huayno by Dan Dickey

Madrecita (Little Mother) Paraguayan melody by Digno García

El sariri (The Traveler) Bolivian tinku by Salomón Callejas


Selections from I Never Saw Another Butterfly     Lori Laitman

Allison Stanford, soprano Jackie Lamar, alto saxophone


Titles from ENCOUNTER Concert program to be chosen


Andean folk music     Chaski  Musicians


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